Working For All of Moorestown

"We're committed to fiscal responsibility, improving our infrastructure, and ensuring Moorestown is an inclusive community with a thriving economy and clean environment." - Gillespie & Law

Getting Stuff Done

We have witnessed the progress this town has made in expanding its economic and business development. Thanks to the work of Council in the last few years, that progress has only been picking up speed, and we are eager to accelerate that growth. As people who work with stakeholders across New Jersey on local development every day, we understand how to really get things done.

Fighting for Moorestown Taxpayers

We’ve made every decision with the Moorestown taxpayer in mind. We understand the complexity of a municipal budget and are experienced in maintaining a balance between providing high quality services, investing in our community, and delivering new revenue sources to relieve the burden on taxpayers. As people who work with stakeholders across New Jersey on local development every day, we understand how to really get things done.

Investing in the Future of Moorestown

After years of neglect by Republican controlled councils, investing in our community is a must. We have worked to maintain and upgrade our roads, our drinking water system, our sewer system, and our stormwater system. We’ve fully staffed our police force and public works department to keep our community safe and running smoothly. Securing the future of our town will always be a top priority as long as we’re on Council.

Supporting Our Local Businesses

We want to make sure Moorestown is as attractive to businesses as it is to residents. We have done that by making it easier to do business in Moorestown - we’ve cut red tape, streamlined permitting processes, and collaborated with staff who are dedicated to encouraging businesses to thrive in Moorestown. We know that when businesses succeed, our whole community thrives.

Volunteering at Strawbridge Lake

Protecting Our Beautiful Environment

We are passionate advocates who are working to preserve the natural environment of Moorestown. Whether cleaning up our public parks, increasing open space, or bringing sustainable energy options to local businesses and residents, we are dedicated to making sure Moorestown’s environment is safe and clean for generations to come.

Ensuring Moorestown Is an Inclusive Community

We are dedicated to giving back to this community and making this town better for those who come after us. Through the Better Together Taskforce and our commitment to making our town government accessible to everyone, we believe that no matter what your politics or background are, we are focused on listening to you, learning from you, and working to make Moorestown a better, more welcoming place for everyone.