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July 12, 2035

We promise to:

Ensure Continued Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Growth

  • We’ll continue to identify new revenue sources in order to offer high quality services and amenities while minimizing the tax burden on residents

  • We’ll promote innovative business models on Main Street, in the Lenola Town Center, at the Moorestown Mall, and more

  • We’ll modernize permitting and inspection processes for new businesses without sacrificing quality or safety


Strengthen Our Sustainable, Safe and Inclusive Community

  • We’ll make Moorestown one of the leading municipalities in NJ for sustainability and environmental stewardship

  • We’ll prioritize upgrading and properly maintaining the critical infrastructure like roads, drinking water, and stormwater management

  • We’ll work with law enforcement to ensure residents and businesses are safe

  • We’ll continue to support and uplift diverse voices

Preserve Moorestown for Generations to Come

  • We’ll ensure Moorestown’s historic charm is preserved for future generations

  • We’ll continue to protect existing green spaces and look to expand our investment in open space

  • We’ll implement an individualized neighborhood approach to manage Moorestown’s growth responsibly

  • We’ll always listen to input from residents and continue to work to address their concerns

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